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The Only One SOTW #47

The Only One SOTW #47

It’s pretty crazy that we are on week 47. It has been quite the journey. This song is a very simple “singer/songwriter” kind of tune and Tim got to use his new Taylor guitar on it.


SOTW #25 - Happy Endings

SOTW #25 – Happy Endings

We like to switch things up here at New Music Monday.  So if you liked last week then you’re in for a treat because this week is almost nothing like last week!  Happy music doesn’t come naturally for me so this was a definite exercise.  My wife and I had fun brainstorming random ideas for …


Fall (SOTW #23)

Fall (SOTW #23)

This song came out my own frustration with being so easily swayed in what I believe.  The ebb and flow of my beliefs and passions is dizzying at times.  Listening to this song again today, it seems that the verses illustrate this ebb and flow with the reversed guitar and keys and slightly chaotic clicks …


Lullaby for Cora (SOTW #20)

Lullaby for Cora (SOTW #20)

We have some good friends whose 10 month old daughter Cora was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer two weeks ago. Its been a roller coaster of emotions for the family. This morning we awoke to a voice mail that little Cora passed away late last night. We had another song ready for this week, but …


Apathetic Skies (SOTW #19)

More people will call in sick today (first Monday in Feb.) than any other day of the year. “Psychologists claim National Sickie Day is the result of a combination of factors, including bad weather, long, dark nights and the seemingly never-ending wait until summer” (quote from Peter Mooney). But this song highlights the tension that …


Mr. Insecure (SOTW #16)

I’m writing this in a food poison induced haze, so my apologies if there are sentence fragments, incomplete thoughts, or just general confusion. I’m a pretty insecure person, but I’d like to think that I’m improving.  This manifests itself in a number of ways. Primarily I’m extremely critical of everything, jealous of other people’s success, …


I’ve Never Felt (SOTW #15)

For the last 2 years or so I’ve been learning to pay attention to how I feel. I’ve spent much of my life pleasing other people and as a result, haven’t owned my own feelings but instead take cues from people around me on how I should feel. I’m discovering what a lonely place that …


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