February 15, 2009

To get in touch you can find us on twitter, facebook and lots of other places.  We also use this fancy electronic mail system.  Point your outgoing electronic mail to twosecondsway [at sign] twosecondsaway dot com.  Drop us a line!



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Comments (10)


  1. The new website looks great. I like (covet) the shuffle twitterbox and the clickable askew “photos”. Very clean and easy to use. Well done.

    Shoot, I want a tee shirt but you don’t offer a size for us fat guys (XXL). Don’t you have any other behemoth fans?

    PS: I have a 2sa 125×125 ad on my blog. Do you have any new ads/new code so I can update?

  2. Dave H says:

    Saw this Wichita band of two brothers at Black Dog Cafe in Lenexa, Saturday, they are very tight musicians, harmonize well and write good tunes. Not at all like your style, but thought you might appreciate it.

  3. Natalie says:


    I don’t know who’s voice I’m hearing in my earholes singing that cover of Love Song by Sara Bara something or other but WHAT A VOICE, I have goosebumps! I didn’t even like that song before one of you sang it.. So which one of you two am I marrying??? lol jk don’t be scared I’m too far to get stalkerish and I’m too lazy for that anyway! lol Well I’ll just say that You two make beautiful music, thanks for doing what you do 🙂

    Natti xox

  4. Harrison says:

    Ho I really enjoyed get me right, do you have any other music like it.

  5. Aron says:

    Hi guys…
    I am a musician & producer in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I saw your brief setup video on youtube…
    was wondering if I could ask u a few more detailed questions?
    Like, which mic(s) do u use for you cajon?
    I find live sound engineers struggle to get this right!
    Could I email u the other questions, or is this the best way to contact u?
    I look forward to haring from u!
    Thanx 🙂

    • Tim says:

      Hey Aron. This is a super late response but figured I’d respond anyway :). For the live setup we’ve actually got a pickup in the cajon and we just split the signal into two different channels so we can have a little bit of low end control and high end. For recording we’ll typically just stick a large diaphragm condenser (rode nt1000) about a foot (or two) in front of the cajon. It helps to give it some room to breathe. And if you like you could also stick a little shotgun style sm57 or something closer to the front to get some of the slapping/snare type action. Hope that helps!

  6. david h says:

    soooo – what happened – 2011 was the last update i saw – wazdanews? where are you now?

  7. Krista says:

    Tim are you Tim seley???

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