Get Me Right

May 2, 2011 | Featured, Song of the Week

This song is not particularly hopeful but it is extremely honest. These are the kinds of songs I am drawn to for some reason. The imagery in the last stanza is so gripping and familiar that I just had to sing it. The burning desire to be “made right” is found in each of us in one form or another but feels so elusive doesn’t it?
This recording is low quality (as most of our live stuff is) but seemed secondary to the content. We hope you agree.

artwork used courtesy of creative commons and Tina P. from flickr (link)


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Comments (8)


  1. Sandra says:

    Great job you guys! I like this version better than the original! Everytime I listen to it another line stands out to me. Thanks!

  2. Saruh says:

    This is amazzzinnng. I’m not sure if I can even compare it to the original though because they’re both so different. <3

  3. RunAmok Farm says:

    You know when you are watching something like American Idol, and the contestants are “so so”… and then, all of a sudden “WOW!!!”

    This is fantastic… Seriously.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Cheri says:

    You guys ever going to post anything again? :p *nudge* *nudge* *poke*

  5. christina says:

    you have amzing voice and i really in enjoy listining to you on my ipod you are amzing and you keep up the up the good work and always rember that jesus is really. And he always is their no matter if you need him or you dont you can always talk to him anytime of the day or night he never sleeps…

    prasie god

  6. elizabeth says:

    For some reason your song found it’s way onto my iPod, and I heard your cover before the original. I found it quite strange when I heard the original for the first time! I love both of them, but the acoustic guitar coupled with the emotion in your voice brings a real rawness, and it really lovely to listen to! 🙂

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