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June 7, 2010 | news

Update: Stillmotion has created a couple of beautiful pieces using City Lights and Fall.

We’re happy to announce an exciting new partnership of sorts.  Occasionally we’ll be contacted by people who are interested in licensing our music for different types of projects.  There hasn’t been a very good vehicle for independent content creators to license music from indie musicians in an affordable fashion.  The crew at With Etiquette is one of the first to step into that gap and help.  Now indie musicians can get compensated for having their music used in small projects, and on reasonable terms for indie content creators.  So if you’re interested in licensing our music for a project of yours don’t hesitate to contact us or the With Etiquette crew.  And if you don’t care about licensing our music you should still check out their website and listen to some of the other artists on there.  Check out this sweet video made by Kansas City photographer and videographer Mike Varel.  Music is by the lovely Amy Seeley.

Piercy Wedding Opener from Mike Varel on Vimeo.

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  1. Katie Hines says:

    …so should I expect a bill from last year’s video project? 😛

  2. Clarke says:

    The beautiful work of stillmotion and their SO EXCELLENT taste in music never ceases to bring me to tears!

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