two seconds away on Coverville

May 18, 2010 | news

two seconds away on Coverville

Brian Ibbott was kind enough to include us in another awesome episode of Coverville.  He last featured our cover of Apologize in February of 2009. This time around he’s using our cover of “You Found Me” by the Fray.  Take a few seconds and head on over to Coverville and take a look around.  There’s a lot of great cover tunes on there.  You can also follow Brian on twitter @coverville and subscribe to the coverville podcast in itunes.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hey, this is Rachel. I don’t really know where you guys are from, but I would like to hear and see some more of you. The music you put out is great and it would be awesome if you guys put out some more albums. I showed some of my friends your music and they all agreed with me that they would attend a concert if there was one available. Love your music.

    • two seconds away says:

      Thanks Rachel! Glad to know you’re enjoying the music. Right now we’re still going to keep trucking with the song a month, but (fingers crossed) we’re hoping to do some fun stuff later this summer/fall.

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