Miss out? Get Volumes 1-4 for $25

April 7, 2010 | misc

Click to purchase Volumes 1-4 for $25

Just checked one of the many items off of the band idea/to-do list (which also includes taking over the world, doing a cover album of ONLY Nickelback songs, and a bunch of other stuff.)  Now for the first time ever you can get ALL four volumes from our song a week project in one place for a low low price of $25!  That’s a year’s worth of music for $25 dollars.  Just to put it in perspective for you…

New Music Monday Volume 1-4 on itunes – $40 (totally worth it)

A Harrier Jet – $20,000 ( if you’re lucky )

Your own private island – $1,650,000

An Alpaca – $10,000 (I want one)

See?  $25 is practically a steal… but if I had an extra $30,000 sitting around I would seriously consider going to pick up an Alpaca with my new Harrier…

Pics courtesy of flickr

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Comments (2)


  1. Jo says:

    that picture is awesome and is going to seriously confuse people in the future.

  2. Andrew says:

    That guy in the back looks a little bit like Saddam. Maybe alpacas are the next great threat to national security.

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