Fell For You SOTM #1

January 3, 2010 | Featured, Song of the Week


And… we’re back.  It was a nice break, but we’ve been itching to make some music.  If you forgot or if this is your first time here we’ll be writing, recording, and releasing a new song every month for 2010.  We’ll make the songs available the first Monday of every month.  After the first month the songs will be available for sale, and at the end of the year we’ll compile them all into an album.  If you like what you’re hearing then make sure and check out our store or itunes or amazon as we’ve got some fun songs from our song a week project.  So enough yakking…

Did you miss “Fell For You” when we released it in January?  No worries… you can buy it here.

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This month’s song is called “Fell for You”.  Some of the instrumentation used: acoustic guitar, canvas sack, napkin, spray bottle, coins… you get the idea.  Hope you like it and we’re really excited to see what comes out of us in 2010.  Happy New Music Monday!“Fell For You”

lyrics by Tim Seley

I wouldn’t say that I need you, but I do
I shouldn’t say that I’ve fallen, but I fell for you

I didn’t say what I wanted, but did you?
I couldn’t say what I was feeling, but you knew
The words are hard to come by, but if you
would stay

And the things that I don’t say
Are what’s keeping you away, from me
And the things that stay unspoken
Are the things that make us broken

Are there things that you won’t say to me
Unspoken words
Unspoken things
Are they the same things that I won’t say to you
Unspoken hurts
Unspoken need

I need you
Do you need me?
Do you feel the same as I do
I can’t imagine life without you

photo courtesy of creative commons and Dyanna

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  1. Patrick says:

    Very nicely done! This was all Tim. Chills.

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