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October 5, 2009 | misc


Although it was strange not having a new song release last Monday it was great to have a big ol’ GIVEAWAY.  Thanks again to everyone that helped spread the word!  Now that you have all of our songs we’d love to get your help in choosing the songs we’ll re-record for our next album.  We’ve narrowed it down to our favorite songs for this poll-now it’s up to you to choose your favorites! So take a second and pick your top 5. We’re listenin’!

Let us know that you voted (by leaving a comment) and we’ll enter you into a drawing to win a free T-Shirt!  You can say as little or as much as you want in the comment but the things we’re specifically interested in are:

Favorite song and why?  Lyrics? Melody?

Song that you’d love to see developed further?

Any other creative ideas for additions to a song?

And as always, we’d love it if you felt like rating/reviewing our music at your online music store of choice… ( iTunes, Amazon, Emusic )

What are your top 5 songs?

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And also, of the four covers we did, which one was your favorite?

Which was your favorite cover?

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Comments (14)


  1. g3mini says:

    between More Than That & Worth the While… i can’t pick a favorite. i could listen to those songs for hours on end. the lyrics are amazingly well-written & have come to mean a lot to me. i can’t wait for… well, i can’t wait for what’s to come with you guys <3

    • Scott Smerchek says:

      I love these both, but More Than That is by far my favorite. Not only are the lyrics outstanding, but the melody is moving.

      I love you more than that
      I love you more than that
      I love you more than that

  2. Matt Vignal says:

    I voted for City Lights as my favorite because I love the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. I would have voted for Coffee Shop, since I was part of the inspiration for that song, but it was not on there, oh well 🙂 All your songs are awesome! City Lights is a favorite of mine!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Photographs has such incredible depth and feeling in the lyrics. Absolutely great. Love Red Balloons and “Old is such a lonely word” Did I miss that song on the check your favorites? Well done.

  4. Erica Anderson says:

    I love love love More Than That! It is for sure my favorite! The lyrics are OUTSTANDING! =) I also really enjoyed Photographs! I love them all though! =) Really really good!

  5. Katie Hines says:

    I think “Photographs” is the most lyrically accomplished track. Even so, “Small Thing” has to be my favorite. I really connect to the lyrics, plus it’s a blast to watch Patrick hold out that last high note just a *little* bit too long at a live show. 🙂

    “In The Way” had to get my vote for obvious reasons.

  6. Kyle Gach says:

    ‘Apathetic Skies’ is, and probably forever will be, my favorite track you guys have recorded. I’m not one to usually listen closely to lyrics, but those words resonate with me more than any other in recent memory. Some other favorites are Fall and A Simple Melody. Those two are also the tracks I’m most hoping get some extra love in a second release.

    Oh, and do more live shows, guys! You’ve got 52 songs to choose from, which means you have at least 20 songs with which to blow our minds.

  7. Tim says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! For me I think “There Won’t Be Enough Time” is the one that I’d really like to re work the most. I still feel like it has a ton of potential and we just didn’t have the time to really help it get there on the first go around.

  8. Nate says:

    It was fun to go back and listen again and try and rank them. 52 songs is a ton of creativity! I can’t imagine having that much stuff out there.
    love you guys!

  9. Sandra Jay says:

    I voted! Hope I win a t-shirt 😀
    My favorite song is Freakin Me Out. My second favorite (today) is Red Balloon. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what I like best about these songs… I really like the lyrics, and I think they are the most fun to sing along with. And Red Balloon just sounds so different. I like it!!

  10. Caleb McNary says:

    I tried to pick six, there were just to many, but Tim is too smart and it wouldn’t let me pick 6. Now I regret that I left off “Small Thing,” but I can’t look back now. By the way, the “Fast Car” cover is one of the best covers I have ever heard, period.



  11. Oh man, Fell For You is one of my favorites!! Along with You Found Me, of course…


    Of the list… my ultimate favorite has to be… Who’s Gonna Love Her
    I love all of your music!!!

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