Oblivious SOTW #50

September 6, 2009 | Song of the Week


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Well here we are #50!  Pretty crazy!  We only have 2 more songs to go before we have done this song a week thing for a whole stinkin’ year!  We’re pretty stoked.  We set out to do this for 6 months but kept going.

Tim sent over the keyboard and rhythm tracks and I went to work Saturday putting words and a melody to it.  It was a lot of fun to write lyrically.  What do you think it’s about?

PS Today is the last day to try to win a free Tee.


lyrics by Patrick Largen

The morning is gone
But I have not moved on
And if all this is important to you

I will bring you a song
I wrote before the dawn
When all were oblivious to

Like a whisper in the ear
your reflection in the mirror
your presence is over due

The words hit like a drum
Like a wave the melody comes
All happening on cue

Black notes on a page
With ink you can’t erase
The chorus is painted blue

The evening has come
And taken the son
We all were oblivious too

original picture from Atilla

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Comments (4)


  1. brent says:

    perfect! just perfect

  2. Kyle Gach says:

    Odd, the notes are black on the pages I have too, but the chorus is red.

    Quite liked the song, of course.

  3. Christopher Ward says:

    This is a really great song, guys! My ears couldn’t get enough of it–really nice, clean sounds, clever “drum”, not too much, not to little. Awesome.

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