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September 28, 2009 | misc, news


That’s right folks… starting September 28 (today) at 5pm we’ll be giving away all 52 songs for 52 hours.  So if you missed out on the first part of the project, then this is your chance to catch up!  A few more details to follow later today.  Set your iphone alarms (or palm centro in my case)!



Tim Seley




Local Band Offers a Year’s Worth of Music – for Free

Kansas City, Kan. – A Kansas City-based duo released a new free song every Monday for the past year. Now, 52 songs and one year later, the duo is ready to celebrate.

The band two seconds away offered the free weekly downloads at their website NewMusicMonday.com. Band members Patrick Largen and Tim Seley are ending their year-long project with a way to say thank you to the people who have supported them. For 52 hours, starting at 5 p.m. CST on September 28th and running through 9 p.m. CST on September 30th, they are offering all 52 songs again for free.

“Since the songs were originally only available for a short time, people who were late in finding the project missed out on some earlier releases,” Largen said. “This is a chance for the fans that joined late in the game to get those first songs.”

After the 52-hour celebration, the songs will still be available for purchase from various e-tailers and from NewMusicMonday.com.

Now that the band has completed its song a week project, they are excited to focus their creative energy in different ways.

“Although having a new song every week was fun, the nature of the project meant that we didn’t get very much time to really craft the music,” Seley said. “Our plan is to go back and rework some of our favorites and work towards a more polished full-length album.”

The duo said they won’t abandon the NewMusicMonday.com project, and will offer free music again in 2010, with a new song each month.


Mixing music with technology (and hoping things don’t blow up), two seconds away offers a sound and experience that is engaging and memorable. To arrange an interview with two seconds away or find out more information about their free music giveaway, visit www.newmusicmonday.com, or contact Tim Seley at (785) 317-0844. Music, photos and video are available upon request.

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  1. Tim says:

    Special thanks to Erica May for the help with the press release.


  2. cuvintu says:

    wow, congratulations again guys! This is definitely something people should take advantage of. Looking forward to the “more polished” full length.

  3. sherina says:

    you guys are just full of surprises! 🙂
    thank you for being so awesome…

  4. Rocky says:

    Two Seconds Away…debuting on KCLY in 2 minutes…great stuff!

  5. Phil Kasper says:

    Rocky just turned me on to two seconds away; you guys have another fan! Great stuff!!

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