Tornado SOTW #49

August 30, 2009 | Song of the Week


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I recently read a book that has been like a tornado through my soul, tearing out old rusty ideas and ideologies that I’ve held onto for years.  Like many people feel after having an uprooting like this, going back to the way things were isn’t an option.  In this case I’m glad for that.
Tim wrote these lyrics and after I sang them I realized that this is how the last week has felt for me.  I picked up the book Blue Like Jazz and couldn’t put it down.  Donald Miller writes as if he’s sitting across the table from you, and putting the book down was like ending the conversation with a good friend.  (Yeah, that was cheesy, but that’s how it felt.)  I highly recommend it.


lyrics by Tim Seley and Patrick Largen

the tornado came
blew away my holy name
blew away my holy name
last year

it tore through the town
ripped the trees up from the ground
ripped the trees out of the ground

and everybody shook their heads
said what a shame, what a shame
all this just won’t go away
and even we want it to

what a shame

original picture from Seb Ulysses

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