The Only One SOTW #47

August 16, 2009 | Song of the Week


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It’s pretty crazy that we are on week 47.  It’s been quite the journey.  This song is a very simple “singer/songwriter” kind of tune and Tim got to use his new Taylor guitar on it.  (can you tell I have nothing to say about it????) We hope you enjoy it!  Peace

“The Only One”

lyrics by Patrick Largen

you put a fire in my heart when I saw you
and I completely fell apart and wondered if you were
the only one for me
the only one for me

you put a ring on my hand and I will take you
to a place with oceans and sand I’ll take you away
and I will never ever be the same as long as you are holding me

cause you are the only one for me
the only one for me
the only one for me

photo taken from jjjohn

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Comments (2)


  1. Jenni says:

    I really like this song, it is sweet in lyrics and music.

  2. Jason says:

    Kind of a fun song. I like the thought behind it as we all had those thoughts at one time or another when in a relationship. (usually at the beginning)

    p.s. I know covet your guitar Tim. Maybe someday my skills will be good enough to justify my own (not holding my breath)

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