If All Goes Well SOTW #44

July 26, 2009 | Song of the Week

if all goes well

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This week’s song is interesting in that it has a strong electronic feel to it, but everything was recorded on an acoustic guitar (with the exception of Patrick’s vocals.)  Patrick did the lion’s share of the work on Saturday and I did a tiny bit of editing Saturday/Sunday then Patrick recorded the vocals Sunday afternoon.  Its short and sweet.  I’m curious… what’s your interpretation of the song?

PS We haven’t abandoned the random noise idea, but thought we’d give it another week or two to allow for more input from people.

“If All Goes Well”

lyrics by Patrick Largen

Nothing hurts more
Than a thousand dreams
And all the world mourns
When they don’t come to be

I’ll fall into a deep deep sleep
If all goes well you’ll be with me

I’ll take you places you will see
A world that’s big enough inside
So go to sleep, go to sleep

artwork by Nadia Minic

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