Fame Games (the hanging chad)

July 16, 2009 | misc, news


Just an FYI about Fame Games… we’re still in the semifinal so if you’d like to take a second feel free to vote for us.  We received quite a few messages from you all about having problems voting so I contacted Fame Games this morning.  Once you vote you should receive a confirmation e-mail so make sure and check your junk mail / spam folder and if you DON’T receive an e-mail let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

Vote for Fall on Fame Games!

If you still use one of those “radio” things tune in to the following stations to catch the show…

KGHP-FM     89.9   Seattle, WA
WFNX-FM   101.7  Boston, MA
KFFG-FM     97.7   San Jose, CA
WRVE-FM    99.5   Albany, NY
WZEW-FM   92.1   Mobile, AL
WXEG-FM   103.9  Dayton, OH
KWMT-FM   92.9   Tucson, AZ
WKRH-FM   106.5  Syracuse, NY
KENZ-FM    101.9  Salt Lake City, UT
WVOD-FM  99.1    Norfolk-Portsmouth NC
KVSF-FM    101.5  Albuquerque, NM
KPTL-FM    106.3  Des Moines, IA
WCYY-FM  94.3    Portland, Maine
WQKE-FM  93.9    Burlington, Vermont
KKMG-FM   98.9    Colorado Springs, CO
OCI-FM     101.6   Costa del Sol, Spain
OCI-FM      94.6    Costa Blanca, Spain

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