The Great CD Cover Giveaway

June 26, 2009 | misc

We just finished our 39th song so you know what that means… its time to release Volume III!  We have a slight problem though.  We don’t have any artwork for it!  So here’s what we’re going to do…

We want all of YOU to submit some of your photos and we’ll use those to create a collage for the front cover!

What’s in it for you?  Besides getting to have your pictures on the CD design you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of our previous CDs AND one of our new tshirts!  We’re giving away five tshirt + CD combos, so the more pictures you send the better!  The sweet new shirts come courtesy of Jeff Moore’s design work…

t_black t_blue

t_green t_brown

Here’s how its going to work…

For each picture you submit you’ll be entered in the drawing but there’s a maximum of ten entries unless you go the twitter route.  Feel free to send extra pictures though.

Option 1: Flickr

We’ve just setup a flickr group that is free to join and that is where we’ll be posting all of the pictures for now.  So the easiest way to send us your photos is if you already have a flickr account then join the group and submit away!  Here’s the link…

Option 2: E-mail / Facebook

You can e-mail us the pictures at this email address: cdcover ( at )

If you’ve already got a ton of pictures on facebook then just click the Share button on the bottom right of the photo/album and send it to the new e-mail address.  The Facebook sharing thing hasn’t fails more than it works.  Don’t blame us… take it up with Zuckerberg.

Option 3: Twitter

Use your cellphone and take a picture of whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW and post it to twitter using twitpic (or some similar service) and add so we’ll see it.  If you use this method your entry will count for double so you could get up to twenty entries! PS Squarespace is giving away a free iphone every day as well so you could just double up and use #squarespace and #newmusicmonday at the same time to double your chances at free stuff.

You can only win once.  Winners will be chosen at random.  We reserve the right to use or not use the pictures you submit, but we’ll try to use as many as possible.  Even if we don’t use all your pictures that won’t hurt your chances in the drawing.  And keep the submissions clean.

We’ll have the drawing on Friday, July 3 and post the winners on and then we’ll ship out the goods once the winners let us know what style/size/cd they want.

Good luck!

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