Three Music Sites You Should Know (aka I heart thesixtyone)

May 19, 2009 | misc

I’m kind of a new music glutton.  I’ll go on these  music binges where all of a sudden I’ll have an insatiable hunger for new tunes.  Luckily thanks to this little thing called the internet, we are no longer victims of whatever meager radio stations we have access to (western Kansas shout out).  For people like me that can mean musical overload, but these three sites help sift through the noise so I thought I’d share.


#1 thesixtyone

This is the newest site that I’ve been using and my favorite in terms of design, community, and concept.  I’ve already discovered a handful of bands/musicians that I really enjoy that I don’t think I would have heard otherwise.  The music you hear is directly influenced by who you choose to subscribe too.  As far as mainstream music goes, the selection can be a bit bare, but that’s part of the fun.

If you sign-up then feel free to heart our music or use me (timseley) as a referral.

Here’s why I think thesixtyone succeeds where others have failed.

– the design is great

It still has some rough spots that need refining, but for the most part they succeed on a number of levels.  Its simple and clean, but still has a lot of information available and easily navigable.  And the player is great.  It keeps playing as you navigate the site, contains most of the needed info and looks good.

– it rewards listeners for listening to music

Its a simple system.  You listen to a song and if you like it you can heart it.  As a song receives more hearts it may get featured on the front page at which point it receives more exposure and more hearts etc… If you heart a song and it does well this also increases your rep points as a listener.  As you receive rep points you may unlock more features or be given more clout as to the amount of music you can heart or have access too.  BUT (this is one of the great things about t61) you aren’t allowed to heart a song until you’ve listened for at least a minute.  I’m as guilty as anyone of skipping a song before the first fifteen seconds and have probably missed out on a lot of great music because I didn’t give it time to develop.  This is great for both listeners and bands.

It also rewards you for exploring which is something neither Last.FM or Pandora do.

– the community encourages interaction

Its not looking to replace facebook (it actually integrates with FB really well) but at the same time the community is very friendly.  As listeners discover new indie bands that they’ve never heard they WANT the band to succeed and are able to take an active role in pushing the music.  Users can feature songs on their profile page as well to give a little added plug to music you “discover”.

– nice integration with other sites

They make it very easy to share a song on facebook, twitter, etc… and they do it well.  AND it supports scrobbles from Last.FM.

– good music

The most important part… there’s some really good indie music on here.


#2 Last.FM

Last.FM is Pandora meets social networking.  The variety of music seems to be more in line with my musical tastes and the user interaction is a cool idea, albeit the site as a whole can be confusing at times.  Where Pandora is really simple and straightforward, Last.FM can feel a little overwhelming and disjointed at times.  One of my favorite features of Last.FM is scrobbling.  The website will list all of the music that you’ve been listening to so you can share it easily with other people.  If you wish you can scrobble your iTunes library and even plays on your ipod.  I really enjoy  Here’s the 2sa page for those of you that are curious.


#3 Pandora

This is the Granddaddy(mammy?) of the group.  They have put a lot of time and money into figuring why people like the music they do and use that info to create custom “radio” stations for listeners.  The majority of people out there are familiar with Pandora already, but its still worth a mention.

So if you’re into discovering new indie music definitely take the time to look at thesixtyone (or and look me up (timseley) or heart some of our music (twosecondsaway).

Let us know which (if any) of these you use or any great new bands you’ve discovered!

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  1. Katie Hines says:

    I’m a slave to thesixtyone. I think I went up a level and a half just today… It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Sally Silvera says:

    YAY for t61! max-bumps 😀 tried to comment on your listener wall, but (flaw) can’t coz of your settings.

  3. The States says:

    Sally we love you!

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