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May 31, 2009 | Song of the Week


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This last week was busy. Tim has been workin’ feverishly getting the latest CD cut (which is available for SALE for only $10 plus S/H) and our new T-Shirts made (two new designs that really turned out great! Only $15 plus S/H) Not to mention the fact that we had a battle of the bands we had to prepare to lose. Busy Busy Busy!  note from Tim: we’ll make sure and let you know when the store is updated with the new merch

So this song is a little bit of a reflection of the week that we had. The song, although not bad by any means, is certainly not going to win any awards.

As you may know, when Tim and I perform live we do a lot of looping. This is how we get so many sounds with only the two of us on stage. Well this week I sat down and just had fun with the looper. As a result, this turned out to be less of a song and more of a collage. I hope you like it. (Or at least don’t hate it!!)

Listen to a sample

lyrics by Patrick Largen

I can not leave this place
And I will not go away
Until all is right with you

…and me will be happy

I’ve fallen madly in love with you

Picture taken from Dee Adams

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