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April 28, 2009 | misc


We’re always open to suggestions for our songs.  Thanks again to Tyler, John, Kyle and Lisa for the ideas and input last week for “A Waste.”  This week we’re a little more ahead of the curve so we’d love some help.  In order to keep everyone on the same page we decided on a theme or direction for this song.  We’d like the topic to be along the lines of social justice and the moral obligation to help those in need.  Post your ideas / thoughts / suggestions in the comments.  They can be lyrical in nature or more of just general ramblings.

So just to get things rolling… what do you think of when you think of injustice?

Click to listen to the song snippet

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Comments (7)


  1. Lisa says:

    Tim and Patrick,
    We just started a new orphan ministry at our church, so I’ve had the plight of children around the world on my mind, and most of my ideas about injustice right now relate to the dichotomy of my own life as compared to those around the world. Like this:

    Our children are safe, warm and thriving
    while others are barely surviving.

    Water pours freely from my faucet
    While a little girl walks a mile each day to find fresh water.

    Our closets and dressers overflow with clothes
    While others don’t have enough to stay warm

    The grocery store offers more choices of food than we can eat,
    While others live on a steady diet of mush.

    We take for granted that our family will be safe and healthy
    While others know danger, abuse, and starvation, and sickness.

    That’s what injustice looks like to me today, and my moral obligation to DO something comes from Isaiah:

    Learn to do good;
    Seek justice,
    Reprove the ruthless,
    Defend the orphan,
    Plead for the widow.

  2. jeremy pape says:

    Social injustice
    is bad becustice
    it makes God have to bust his
    wrath out amongst us
    turn or burn your lust is
    for more than your must is
    Why must we still discuss this?
    Rise up already for justice!

    This could be the edgy yet hip and with-it rap bridge accompanied by some chick really busting a gut on the high notes. You know, like the kids like it these days.


  3. Carolyn says:

    I first thought of the frustrations that come with overseas trips. Frustrations with other governments, and feeling like we have no control over how they treat their people. How can we help people see the value of life and of others? How can love get into their hearts when they’ve grown up only thinking about self and country? So basically, I want to control the world and make everything right – but there’s Someone a lot bigger working who can do it so much better than me, just maybe the timing’s not right now. What’s the balance between patience and still moving. How can I want things to be different but not let hate or anger build up? Whew – that turned out way more vent-like than I was expecting.

  4. Chris McClatchey says:

    Injustice – Having the ability and/or resources to change things for the better, but choosing self-indulgence or inaction instead.

  5. Tim says:

    Really like that Chris. Great ideas everyone!

  6. Katie Hines says:

    After anthropology class, I can never shake the burden that I have so much BECAUSE others have so little. I even feel like saying “God is in control” is a cop-out. What if he WANTS us to have a part in making things a little better?

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