Scary To Know SOTW# 29

April 12, 2009 | Song of the Week


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If you’ve been around New Music Monday for a while you know that we occasionally post a song sketch online to give you a taster as we’re working on it. Often times the song ends up quite different than the sketch. But never, in the 6 months we’ve been doing this song a week thing, has the song ended up as different as this week’s. “Why” you ask. Because this is a different song entirely. Psych!

Tim and I have really struggled with the song for this week. We feel really good about the chorus, but the verses are just not coming together. So we’re going to keep on working on that one and, who knows, it might make it for this next Monday.

I started this song (Scary To Know) on Sunday afternoon at 2pm and sent it to Tim at 4:30pm. He took it, added a bunch of stuff and passed it back at 9:30pm and by 11pm we had it wrapped up. All in a hard days work… or so they say.

Side note: Lindsey said, “you know people are going to think you are leaving me and using New Music Monday to do it. HOW LAME”
I told her, “the song is more from the perspective of a loved one being deployed. Why… is there something I should know?”

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And once again Jeff Moore comes through for us last minute with another great photo for the song.  Check his website

Read more for the lyrics…

“Scary to Know” lyrics by Patrick Largen

And it’s scary to know
All the love you’ve given me
And only scarier to know
That I’ve got to set you free

You know I’m alright
Because you know I’ve got to be
I’ve gotta leave

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Comments (3)


  1. Jason J says:

    What’s scary is the time of morning I’m listening to this.

    Good start guys!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I love this one more everytime I listen to it. And, yes, Patrick’s perspective on the song fits much better than mine 🙂

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