Falling Slowly SOTW #30

April 19, 2009 | Song of the Week


image by Jeff Moore

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We felt it was time for a cover and it just so happens I got an email this week from a friend who suggested this one (thanks Tony!)  “Falling Slowly” was in a little no budget independent film called “Once,” which Tim and I are both fans of.

Sometimes we’ll do a cover because we have a different interpretation of the song and feel like we can improve on it in some way.  That is definitely not the case for this one.  I mean seriously it’s Glen Hansard!!!  We just wanted to do this song because we like it so much.

Read on for the lyrics and other stuff…

That amazing picture is once again the handiwork of the amazing Jeff Moore.

“Falling Slowly” lyrics by Glen Hansard

I don’t know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can’t react
And games that never amount
To more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can’t go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I’m painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It’s time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You’ve made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I’ll sing along

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Comments (3)


  1. Tim says:

    I just have to say that the picture for this week’s song is awesome. Seriously. I wonder if Jeff sells prints…

  2. Kyle Gach says:

    I concur on the pic. They’ve all been awesome though.

    The Once soundtrack is one of my favorites, so I had high hopes when you posted that teaser. You didn’t disappoint! Love this track. It’s fun to hear such a familiar song given the Two (2?) Seconds Away treatment. I honestly like your version just as much as Swell Season’s.

    Nice job guys.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Yeah, I’m a huge Frames/Hansard/Once fan so I was pretty psyched that you guys chose to do this song as a cover and I’m really digging what you ended up with. Once again guys, I love a lot of the pieces you put together that are really coming to define your sound and give you mad props for the work you’re doing!

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