This week’s song sketch

March 26, 2009 | misc

I sat down this evening to try and create something for this week’s FREE song of the week and this is what I came up with.  Variety is what you get here folks!!!  It will be REALLY interesting to see what this thing morphs into!!  Stay tuned…

Listen to this week’s sketch

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Comments (3)


  1. Kevin Porter says:

    I’m not usually one to leave comments, but this one is my favorite yet. If you’re going to add lyrics, at least leave the first 30 or 40 seconds as an intro.

    If only you had an upright bass and a mandolin, that could quickly turn into my favorite yet…

    Nice work guys.

  2. andrew says:

    I came on here to suggest an upright bass… looks like I’m a little late so I’ll just reiterate that it would be awesome with this song.

  3. Kyle Gach says:

    I heard the word “twang” associated with this, so I was a little worried, but this sounds great! Love the way you did the percussion.

    It sounds kinda like The Acorn (more here), which is a very good thing.

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