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Its commentary time!

Its commentary time!

We’ve got two of ’em for ya today!  But to hear both you’ll need to subscribe to the podcast.  We’ve included the commentary for “A Thousand Bars” here but for “Happy Endings” and all previous commentaries you’ll need to check out the podcast.  It’s easy.  Have questions about the podcast? Click Here Listen to commentary …

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Photographs In Your Mind – (sketch)

In an effort to be transparent and let you in on as much of the behind the scenes stuff as possible, we decided to post the scratch for this week. BUT before you hit that link below let me do all of my disclaimers first!!! When I set out to write a song, what seems …

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SOTW #25 - Happy Endings

SOTW #25 – Happy Endings

We like to switch things up here at New Music Monday.  So if you liked last week then you’re in for a treat because this week is almost nothing like last week!  Happy music doesn’t come naturally for me so this was a definite exercise.  My wife and I had fun brainstorming random ideas for …


2sa @ Liberty Memorial

If you’d like to book us for a house show please contact us.  A great site with lots of information about house concerts is

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Young at Heart

My wife and I watched a great documentary tonight called “Young at Heart.”  Its follows the Young at Heart Chorus for a period of seven weeks leading up to a big show.  They perform songs by anyone from James Brown to Sinead O’Connor to the Ramones to Coldplay. Its a touching, funny little film that …

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Music You Should Know - The Autumn Film

Music You Should Know – The Autumn Film

We’ve really been enjoying our new site design and how easy it is to update. So much so that we’re even going to start posting about stuff that doesn’t necessarily directly pertain to OUR band. And since we ourselves need people like bloggers to write about our music, it only makes sense that we should …

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SOTW #24 - A Thousand Bars

SOTW #24 – A Thousand Bars

CLICK FOR A SAMPLE Its hard to believe we’re up to week #24!  We’ve had songs all over the map so far, and this one is definitely a contender for being one of the most “out there.”  Some weeks the finished song isn’t very different than the original rough track.  This song however has been …


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