Fall (SOTW #23)

March 1, 2009 | Song of the Week


This song came out my own frustration with being so easily swayed in what I believe.  The ebb and flow of my beliefs and passions is dizzying at times.  Listening to this song again today, it seems that the verses illustrate this ebb and flow with the reversed guitar and keys and slightly chaotic clicks and taps mixed with peaceful acoustic guitar and bells.

The chorus is a longing for peace, certainty, serenity, and direction.

The song started out with random mumblings and then I went back and wrote the lyrics using a mixture of my thoughts and Tim’s journal entries.  AND WE BOTH AGREE, that this is one of our favorites!

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“Fall” Lyrics by Patrick Largen with some contributions from Tim Seley

I can go from believing
that you have my heart
all the way to believing
that you’re deaf and far

It is all in the mystery
or fear of the unknown
That has me disbelieving
cold and alone

would you fall

it’s the act of believing
that sets me apart
But I have to believe in
you that has my heart

would you fall

I don’t want to settle I don’t mean to settle
I don’t want to settle I don’t
for a god who isn’t I don’t mean to settle I don’t want to settle I don’t

Artwork by Thomas Hawk… used courtesy of Creative Commons

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Comments (14)


  1. will says:

    yep, my favorite so far for sure. very nice.

  2. Mandy says:

    Love it! Could definitely see this on a movie/tv show soundtrack.

  3. Kyle Gach says:

    This should say enough: http://www.last.fm/user/kylegach/charts (look at my most played tracks for today), but I’m going to write some more anyway…

    Although Apathetic Skies is still my favorite at the moment, this song is easily the most “pro” track you’ve released. It’s beautiful guys. I love the restrained, but creative, use of the drum machine, the reversed guitar, and especially the way that the extended vocals (Fall) mesh with the more staccato ones (I don’t wanna settle). And the bells… the bells add a perfect touch. This song more than any before it proves (to me, at least)… that the time you guys spend on this “side project” is, and will be, worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  4. Chris L. says:

    The last several weeks I feel like you guys have really stepped it up to another level. Keep pushing that envelope.

  5. Tim says:

    @Will – thanks man! means a lot coming from you
    @Mandy – Can I say that you’re best looking commenter we’ve ever had? 😉
    @Kyle – that’s awesome! Sandwiched right where we belong… in between Led Zep and Radiohead… and I have to agree on the bells – they add a certain amount of “indie-ness” to it
    @Chris – thanks Chris – glad you’ve really been enjoying the tunes!

  6. joe healey says:

    Well done guys, closer to perfection… but whoever makes that anyway right? The only thing in the whole song that I would’ve changed would be changing the “I don’t wanna settle” part from a background changed voice to a passionately loud background almost yearning sound. I think that might fit the those lyrics a little better and help make the song bigger but that’s always my preference. Other than that small change, it’s by far my favorite so far.

  7. David Shultz says:


    I love it. It just keeps getting better and better. I am with Chris, you guys are pushing your music to new levels each time. Keep pushing, the results are awesome.

  8. Kennedy Brown says:

    I love this song… outstanding, and can i say that this is what i just wait for all week…. i now love Monday… 🙂

  9. andy g says:

    just heard the song this week – brilliant. thank you!


  10. Patrick says:

    Thanks for listening ya’ll!!!

  11. SHANI says:

    yeah i love all of ya’lls songs!! i have okanowa addicted to ya’ll and this is my favorite! keep it up fellas! you are some of the most talented people i think and i cant wait to see what else comes out!

  12. cristina says:

    hey i heard this once in a website and i was wondering where i could get the song so i can put it on my iphone and hear it all over and over haha… this is great song ive ever heard… hope to hear a reply from you

    • Tim says:

      Hi Cristina. You should be able to find this song off of New Music Monday Volume 2 which should be on itunes, amazon and various other online music places. Thanks for listening!

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