Coffee Shop – SOTW #27

March 29, 2009 | Song of the Week


[Quick edit: the download/podcast link was broken Monday morning.  Should be fixed.  Sorry about that! – T 3/30/09 10:40am]

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If last week’s song was epic, then this week’s song… is not epic.  Some weeks the song comes really easily for us, and some weeks not as much.  The inspiration for this song came when I was at Black Dog coffee shop trying to get inspiration for a song and couldn’t concentrate because the table next to me was being really loud.  Ironically, later that day we received a suggestion from Matt Vignal suggesting we do a song about coffee shops so we took it as a sign.  Enjoy!

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Read the rest for lyrics and info about the awesome picture.

Lyrics by Patrick Largen and Tim Seley

His opinion must be more important
Than all of the others’ here
He must know something all of us don’t know
By the volume of his voice
His arguments give us no choice
Cuz he’s quoting Plato and Shakespeare

She’s got more holes in her face than gouda
And more ink on her arms than the times
And she doesn’t support the administration
She feels like she’s doing you a favor
And has no patience for you to stand and waiver
But takes your money for the five dollar chai

And there’s the guy at the four top by his lonesome
Going on hour four or five
He’s watching Youtube and laughing real loud
He’s hogging all of the internet
And he took the last outlet
He must think he’s the only one alive

Photo courtesy of Jeff Moore of Jeff Moore Photography

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Comments (7)


  1. Larka says:

    This coffee shop song has a great start. I really think this could be expanded into something for the future. The sounds have a good rhythym and the voice sounds really cool. I was waiting for the chorus, the explanation of what people are doing at the coffee house, how its full of thoughts, quirks, interactions and sounds. The last verse- ouch, sounds like personal experience.

  2. Matt Vignal says:

    Hey guys, this is awesome! I really like it! Very cool and unique!

  3. Patrick says:

    Thanks @Matt. You had a great idea. It didn’t take shape like I’m guessing you had in your mind. I guess we are too cynical or something… Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Larka I couldn’t agree more! The song needs so much more. I think this song was our “closest call” to date. I was getting pretty worried we wouldn’t have anything for today.

    Thanks guys for the comments!

  4. Matt Vignal says:

    Hey, you guys are the artist and you guys created something unique and original. Its really great. Sure there will always be room for change or improvement, but that’s what art is.
    I wouldn’t say it’s cynical or anything like that. Any coffee shop regular knows to point all the things you described in the song, and that’s just the way things are sometimes. I love the picture the sound and lyrics of the song paint.

  5. Mandy says:

    This is a really fun song. You guys are so freakin’ talented. I finally voted for my fave 3 songs you guys have done this year. It was so hard to pick 3 because you have done so many great, amazing songs! Keep it up!

  6. mendy says:

    hey, cynical is ok. sometimes you just have to accept the annoying things for the humor they can provide. when people annoy me i try to picture them as a cartoon character… you should try it. now try it with a cartoon anvil over their heads… oh wait.

    seriously, cool song, love the lyrics, love the background noises used as rhythm. feel like the melody could be a bit more playful, to match the humor behind the too-serious-about-myself people. overall a good song.

  7. Matt Vignal says:

    I agree Mendy, totally understand what you’re saying. Great way to put it!

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