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Coffee Shop - SOTW #27

Coffee Shop – SOTW #27

[Quick edit: the download/podcast link was broken Monday morning.  Should be fixed.  Sorry about that! – T 3/30/09 10:40am] click to listen to a sample of Coffee Shop If last week’s song was epic, then this week’s song… is not epic.  Some weeks the song comes really easily for us, and some weeks not as …


Photographs Commentary

Photographs Commentary

Photographs definitely ended up being one of our favorite tunes so far.  It was one of those songs that was a lot of fun to work on and the back and forth process while creating it was very fluid.  Take a listen to the commentary if you were curious about our process for “Photographs.” Click …

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This week’s song sketch

I sat down this evening to try and create something for this week’s FREE song of the week and this is what I came up with.  Variety is what you get here folks!!!  It will be REALLY interesting to see what this thing morphs into!!  Stay tuned… Listen to this week’s sketch


Avoiding doing my taxes

Avoiding doing my taxes

It’s amazing how many things I can find that are “more important” than doing my taxes.  This morning, editing this video did the trick…

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Photographs - SOTW #26

Photographs – SOTW #26

We went crazy with this song. What started as this (click to listen to the song sketch) became what Tim and I have jokingly referred to as “epic.” I know this is quite a word for two Midwesterners. But hey, there is a REAL CELLO in this thing! And “epic” is relative right? (actually by …


Last minute teaser

Now Patrick and I have a few hours to get everything arranged and mixed… gonna be a long night.  But the song is awesome!

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Shhhh… don’t tell Patrick

I couldn’t wait til tonight so I posted a tiny little snippet of the song. Hopefully we’ll have a little video up later. One word: cello. Photographs in your mind snippet (part deux)

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