Break from Life (SOTW #7)

November 10, 2008 | Song of the Week

Interacting with grace-giving people is like a breath of fresh air. These are the kind of people that really believe the best in you; the kind who want to take the pain away; the kind who really listen- and you can see it on their face- as they experience the tough times with you. Being with these kind of people is like getting a break from life.

For me, this person is my wife. She gives me a break from life. For me this feels like driving down a winding road, near the ocean on a sunny fall day, with the top down.
I want to be that kind of person because everyone needs a break from life.

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“Break from Life”
lyrics by Patrick Largen

It’s with melancholy eyes that I sit with you tonight
with my ears open wide, I’m here for you

On the edge of my seat, full of empathy
I would steal this if I could, oh if I could

Everybody needs a break from life
Everybody needs a break from life
Everybody wants to get away
and feel the feeling on their face of peace and grace and love
Everybody needs a break from life

Oh everybody needs

Hey I’ve got all night to sit with you and cry
it’s one thing we’ve got and it’s what we need

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