Round and Round (SOTW #4)

October 20, 2008 | Song of the Week

This song is not autobiographical, at least not in the “my wife and I had a fight so I sat down and wrote this”, kind of way. Matter of fact I remember when I wrote it, I had her come in and listen and we laughed about how it sounded like we had just had a knock-down-drag-out.

But it is autobiographical in the sense that this is the way I tend to handle conflict. I have this warped idea that to apologize, is to lose and that as long as there wasn’t intent to harm, I’m justified and need not say “I’m sorry”.

On the flip side when I feel wronged I often assume the worst intentions of people and therefore feel like it is their responsibility to restore relationship with me. I find myself talking around the glaring issue while inwardly I grow more and more bitter.

Change is indeed, slow.

(Side note – This song didn’t come from these thoughts as much as these thoughts came from this song.)

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“Round and Round”
lyrics by Patrick Largen

What’s it gonna take to make you see
That you are about everything to me
I will never find someone so deep
So please except my apology

We’ve been around and around and around

It’s about time for us to be
Moving past this place of mediocrity
And I will really try to speak the words I mean
And break this endless cycle that leaves us so dizzy

And I will set this world on fire tonight
And I don’t care no I don’t care if it’s you or if it’s me
And who’s wrong or who is right

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